Although our company is founded on traditions, we are constantly striving toward new technologies and methods. Not only are we involved with architectural precast concrete, we also produce cast stone, glass fiber reinforced concrete, self-consolidating concrete and ultra-high performance concrete. Currently we are working with advancements in reinforcements through the use of carbon fiber reinforcing, as well as the use of extruded basalt rods and strands. Other applications of precast we’ve advanced have been with various form liners, thin-brick veneers and polystyrene casting and moldings.
crusher We believe that forming strong bonds and relationships with industry partners is fundamental to advancing the precast concrete technology. Our innovative partners include cement through LaFarge North America, admixtures through Grace, epoxy coatings with Liquid Concrete, terrazzo and polishing contracting Sustainable Flooring Solutions, also Lythic Solutions for desifiers and cleaners. Sustainability is not a fad or a trend within our company we have been proactive over the years to protect the environment in which our communities are built. Since 1998, we have been recycling concrete from post and pre consumer concrete products and Brownfield construction sites. Supplemental Cementitious materials (SCM) are also available to increase the use of recycled materials in a mix design to earn LEED Material Resource credits. Approximately 95% of our raw materials are supplied locally and/or within 500 miles of our facilities.

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